About us
Our mission is to improve healthcare by digitizing how the world shares records & images.

Medical images today are stuck in a black box.

Have you ever tried to collect an MRI, CT or x-ray from a healthcare provider? If you have, you probably went through a request process to find out if they even had your images, and then some days (or even weeks!) later, they sent you a disc with your medical images.

The current process for requesting and receiving medical images is broken.

What do you do when you get that disc? Do you even have a disc player in your home anymore? The current process is antiquated, from a time when everyone had disc players. Sending discs is also expensive and wasteful, requiring ROI offices to incur labor, materials, and shipping expenses. If only there was a digital solution.

Clearpath is building a digital experience for the 21st century.

Unlike the current process, which requires patients to request medical images via disc delivered by mail, Clearpath makes films instantly available digitally. We launched Clearpath after feeling the pain of the "old way" ourselves firsthand. Our goal is to help providers reduce costs while delivering a better patient experience.

Digital ROI for 21st century patient experiences
Give patients and third parties a clear path to accessing MRIs, CTs, x-rays, and other medical images, 100% digitally.
How it works

Clearpath is a simple integration that empowers digital delivery of medical records & images

Simple API Plug-in
Clearpath's proprietary platform connects to your PACS System with a digital interface.
Make Films Digitally Accessible
Make films instantly accessible to patients and 3rd-party requestors.
Stop Shipping Discs
Allow patients and requestors to access medical images 100% digitally.
Best-in-class Security
Clearpath's HIPAA-compliant, SOC 2 Type 2 security program is truly best-in-class.
Easy & Flexible Implementation
Implementation takes under 30 minutes, with virtually zero upfront investment.
Integrate with Any PACS
Integrate with INFINITT, Fujifilm, IBM Watson Health, Intelerad, and more.
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Learn more about how you can #DitchTheDisc and modernize your patient journey with Clearpath: the world's first 100% digital records & films fulfillment platform.
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