Deliver medical images 99% faster & 100% digitally.

Clearpath’s automated platform helps release of information (ROI) offices and medical imaging centers fulfill image requests in less time, with lower costs and real-time visibility.

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Digital Release of Information
Share medical records & images quickly and securely with Clearpath's digital platform.
Modernize the Patient Experience

Delight patients with fast, digital delivery

Unlike prior patient experiences, which require patients to request medical images via disc delivered by mail, Clearpath makes films instantly available to everyone who needs them, digitally.

Reduce Costs

Significantly cut costs by ditching the disc

Clearpath provides medical providers and health systems a simple integration that empowers ROI offices to fulfill patient requests for medical images digitally, saving time and money by mitigating the need to ship discs.

How it Works

Clearpath is a simple integration that empowers digital delivery of medical images

Simple API Plug-in
Clearpath's proprietary platform connects to your PACS System with a digital interface.
Make Films Digitally Accessible
Make films instantly accessible to patients and 3rd-party requestors.
Stop Shipping Discs
Allow patients and requestors to access medical images 100% digitally.
Best-in-class Security
Clearpath's HIPAA-compliant, SOC 2 Type 2 security program is best-in-class.
Easy Implementation
Implementation takes under 30 minutes, with virtually zero upfront investment.
Integrate with Any PACS
Integrate with INFINITT, Fujifilm, IBM Watson Health, Intelerad, and more.
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Learn more about how you can #DitchTheDisc and modernize your patient journey with Clearpath: the world's first 100% digital records & films fulfillment platform.
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